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Manufacture of Photonics Components: A European Perspective

Published February 2012

A significant new industry report highlights current and future opportunities for the manufacture of photonics components. Within the ~€9 billion European component market, analysis is provided of segments key to maintaining Europe’s innovation lead and processes vital to production of all components, namely:- 

In contrast to market reports in many segments of photonics, this report constructs a generic process flow for photonics component manufacturing.  The analysis examines the current status for key processes in each of the above segments, the opportunities that arise, and the barriers that impact their exploitation.

The report is for industrialists, investors and technology developers looking to understand future growth areas in photonics component manufacturing and the factors that influence these. Opportunities for substantial business growth are identified accessible to photonics manufacturers worldwide, with those that are particularly relevant to Europe highlighted.

Authors: Dr. John Lincoln and Dr. Gregory Flinn in conjunction with the European Photonics Industry Consortium (EPIC).

Executive Summary and full contents: - available for free download on completion of contact form

Full Report:  €2500 excl. VAT.

To purchase, please send a valid purchase order to info@harlinltd.co.uk. For enquiries and other currencies please contact us.  The report is also available free to full EPIC members.

Contents Summary- 148 pages, 42 figures 17 tables.

1 Executive Summary 3
2 Introduction 7
3 Integrated photonics 17
4 Optics 39
5 Sensing, imaging & projection 65
6 Packaging 85
7 Test, measurement & reliability 101
8 External factors 119
9 Opportunities overview 135
10 Conclusions 143
11 Appendix - index of companies, figures and tables 145

Full table of contents, figures and tables available to download