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Need an independent review of the technology and market potential of a business?

Looking to increase market penetration into Europe?

Interested in preparing your business to raise capital?

Or just need an independent sounding board to bounce alternate strategies off?

Harlin Ltd can help you develop a coherent forward-looking business strategy in sync with your business objectives. Whether you are looking to maximise value, growth or stability we can help in discussion and development of an appropriate business strategy. We do not recommend prescriptive, one-approach-fits-all strategies. We aim to work with you, and your company, to help raise awareness of alternatives, compare these and jointly develop and capture an approach that fits your long term objectives.

As a part of this process we help you to consider routes to market, positioning, growth planning and product developments. To inform your planning processes we can undertake competitive comparisons, and state of art reviews. These reduce the risk of unforeseen competitive developments and increase awareness of your own unique selling points, so you can maximise the potential of your business.

Harlin Ltd can provide support in capturing your strategy as a formal business plan and preparing your business for raising capital by looking at approaching fundraising as a sales process. Strategy development services include:-

For more information on our business strategy and planning support services please contact John Lincoln at Harlin Ltd.  Also please check the following links for specific business development and marketing services.
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